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According to sources close to WGTC - the same ones who correctly predicted the Snyder Cut of Justice League would be premiering on HBO Max, and that Henry Cavill is reprising his role as Superman due to backlash from fans - Disney is currently developing a live-action adaptation of the popular Japanese children's cartoon and game series Digimon. 
There is certainly no shortage of content to watch on Netflix, and the service has always been good at keeping new movies and shows flowing in so that subscribers don't lose interest. That means nearly every day sees a drop from the platform that includes at least a few new things to check out. However, today marks one of the rare days when Netflix has nothing new to offer. Worry not, though, for June has already provided a smorgasbord of fantastic content that you can go watch right now, and here are five recently-added must-watch titles.
With all that's going on in the world today, the discussion around the entertainment industry's lack of diversity is once again back in the headlines, and this has even extended to one of the worst blockbusters in recent history. Ever since it was released, most of the talk surrounding Josh Trank's Fantastic Four has been about how much of an unmitigated disaster it was, and the effect that it had on the director's career.
If you're one of the countless Star Wars fans that feel like the vast majority of the beloved sci-fi series' Disney era has been one disappointment after the other, and hoped that The Rise of Skywalker would finally bring the franchise's over-reliance on the Skywalker family to a close, then it looks like you could be in for some more bad news.
The slow process of getting back to normal following COVID-19 has begun as businesses across the country are in the early stages of reopening. And this includes movie theaters. Drive-ins and independent cinemas have already reopened, of course, but the next step is major chains.
Earlier tonight at the Super Bowl, the first trailer for Bill & Ted Face the Music dropped, revealing that Keanu Reeves has lost his beard.
Avengers: Endgame may have cleared the path for the next generation of superheroes to lead the franchise into the future, but when you think about it, that doesn't necessarily mean younger. Sure, the middle-aged Tony Stark and 100 year-old Steve Rogers may no longer be key players in the MCU, but many of the studio's old and new faces aren't exactly spring chickens.
There's been a lot of good news for fans of the DCEU recently with the announcement that the Snyder Cut of Justice League will be heading exclusively to HBO Max and confirmation that Henry Cavill's Superman will return to the franchise after much speculation, but there are still plenty of question marks surrounding one of their upcoming solo movies.

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